Out of state purchase Information

We welcome out of state customers to shop and purchase at Deals Unlimited. If you purchase a vehicle, we do standard paperwork and collect your states sales tax up to 6% (if applicable) which is the maximum we can collect in Michigan. We provide you with a 15 day Temporary Permit to drive on while we get your paper work submitted to the State of Michigan Secretary of State. Once the Secretary of State has recorded your sale and collected your Sales Tax, they will report the sale to your State (if applicable) and the State of Michigan will give you a 30 Day Temporary Permit until you're able to get to your DMV to register and title your vehicle.  

We also can help provide shipping services if you would like to have the vehicle shipped to you out of state. Feel free to ask for details on this service.  We do not do the shipping ourselves, we help arrange shipping by licensed and bonded Transportation Companies. Shipping times may vary depending on location.